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From New York Times Bestselling author Elisabeth Naughton, comes ENSNARED, a new novella in her Eternal Guardians Series, brought to you by 1,001 Dark Nights! Be sure to grab your copy today!



From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Elisabeth Naughton comes a new story in her Eternal Guardians series…

RYDER–Mysterious, powerful, every woman’s fantasy come true.

For thousands of years, Ryder has reveled in his role as an immortal messenger—a dream weaver sent to seduce and manipulate. Until he’s ordered to deceive a fantasy of his own.

Zakara, the daughter of one of the mightiest Eternal Guardians, is his perfect woman. But she’s impervious to Ryder’s advances. Each attempt to sway her to his will pushes him deeper into a dreamscape she seems to be controlling. To survive, Ryder will need to find a way to master his sexy new prey. Because if he can’t, he risks forever condemning himself and the woman he’s grown to love to a never-ending nightmare drawn straight from the twisted depths of hell.



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Ryder wasn’t in the mood to be careful. Thanks to Zeus’s little interruption, he was going to have to start all over. She’d just let down her guard. Now, the next time he went to her, she’d be on the defensive, wondering why he’d ditched her or—better yet—back to thinking he was a dream. He was no closer to learning anything about the female. No closer to getting the hell out of Olympus and away from the king of the gods. And, thanks to the last ten minutes, horny as freakin’ hell. “Try not to take this the wrong way, oh Great King, but you’re impatient as fuck.”

Zeus flicked Ryder a hard look from across the room with eyes as black as coal. “Let me make something clear to you, dream weaver. You’re only here because I’ve a need for your gifts. And you’re only granted leeway in your dealings because of that need. Once you cease to be useful to me and my cause, I’ve no need to keep you around.”

Yeah, Ryder knew that already. Zeus, the god-king of everything, took great joy in lording his dominion over his underlings, every chance he could. He also reveled in reminding all of them—even minor gods like Ryder who didn’t normally reside on Olympus—that they could be called into his service at any time.

He checked his contempt, knowing it would do him no good here. Zeus might be an asshat, but he was a powerful one. And though Ryder would like nothing more than to weave a nightmarish hell the king of the gods could never wake from, he knew that was impossible. He’d tried before, failed, and been punished for it. A punishment he was not about to repeat. “We discussed this before. It takes time to build trust, even in a dream world. It’s going to take more than one fantasy for this to work.”

Forget the fact she’d been pulling him into her dreams for months now. Forget the fact he’d spent those months trying desperately to resist her tempting smile and that luscious body. He didn’t want the king of the fucking gods knowing any of that. Zeus would only use it against him.

“I want to know if she has the same gifts as her mother.”

Ryder frowned. If Zeus had done his homework, he would know the female’s mother was a gifted healer. She couldn’t see into the past or future as her sisters could do. As descendants of the ancient goddesses the Horae, though, when the three sisters combined their gifts, they were able to see into the present—wherever they chose. Which was the gift Zeus hoped Zakara possessed. A gift Ryder did not want Zeus to get his hands on. “Why don’t you just go after the mothers instead of wasting time on a daughter?”

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Elisabeth Naughton is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. From Elisabeth: “I was never one of those people who knew they wanted to be an author at the age of six. I didn’t have imaginary friends. I didn’t write stories in my journal or entertain my relatives by firelight after Thanksgiving dinner. For the most part, I was just a normal, everyday kid. I liked to read, but I wasn’t exceptional at it. And when my teachers complimented me on my writing abilities, I brushed them off. I did, however, always have a penchant for the unique and absurd. And as my mother told me all throughout my childhood, I should have been an actress—I was a drama queen before my time.

“Years ago, my husband bought me Scarlett: The Sequel to Gone With The Wind. If you ever saw the book, you know it’s a long one. I sat and read that thing from cover to cover, and dreamed of one day being a writer. But I didn’t actually try my hand at writing until years later when I quit my teaching job to stay home with my kids. And my husband? After that week of reading where I neglected him and everything else until I finished Scarlett, he vowed never to buy me another book again. Little did he know I’d one day end up sitting at a keyboard all day drafting my own stories.

“My writing journey has not been easy. I didn’t just sit down one day, decide I was going to write a book and voila! sell my very first attempt. As most authors will probably agree, the path to publication is filled with hours of work, pulling all-nighters I thought I’d given up in college, sacrifices, rejections, but a love I discovered along the way I just can’t live without. Instead of a big, thick book to read by lamplight (I do read much smaller ones when I get the chance), I’ve traded in my reading obsession for a laptop. And I’ve never been happier.

“I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a wonderful family and fabulous husband who put up with my writing—and obsessive personality—even when life is chaotic. More than once my kids have been late to swimming or baseball because I needed just five more minutes to finish a scene. Their support and encouragement mean the world to me. I also have amazing friends and a support network I couldn’t survive without. So to all of you out there who have encouraged me along the way, sent me emails and fan letters, phone calls and congratulations, I just want to say, thank you. You make this whole writing gig that much more enjoyable. I truly wouldn’t be here without you.”

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