Nook Book Wrap-Up #2

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Nook Book Wrap Up is my monthly version of The Sunday Post hosted by Kim at Caffeinated Book Reviewer. I will be posting on the last Sunday of each month. Kim’s Sunday Post is a chance to share news about your blog, books and life. It is also a perfect opportunity to meet bloggers and add more books to your collection.

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good week.  I can’t believe how fast February flew by. The weather here in Sacramento has been sunny but cold. Our definition of cold is in the 50’s, so I know we shouldn’t complain since some of you live in colder conditions. I can’t wait for Spring to arrive!

The only exciting thing happening at home is that my daughter got a job. Marie is 19-years-old and has been having a hard time finding job, because of lack of job experience. She will be working at a new movie theater (has the IMAX, 3D, reclining seats, etc.), so she’s excited to finally have a job. I’m excited now that she can have her own spending money and gets free movie tickets lol. The movie theater is one freeway exit away so it’s close to our house. The problem is Marie got her drivers license in December and is nervous about the freeway. She can drive the back roads, but it is so much faster on the freeway. We’ve been practicing on the freeway, so I hope she gets comfortable with it. Did you watch the movie Clueless?  Driving with my daughter isn’t as traumatizing but my hands are sore from gripping the door handle lol.


Work is still stressful, so this year’s goal of simplifying has been going well. I no longer feel the pressure of book deadlines, but I miss blogging and haven’t been reading as often as I should. I plan to read a couple chapters a day, especially since the next book I’m starting is a library book. Hopefully that will get me back on schedule.


This month’s posts:


Currently reading or listening to:

  • Baby, I’m Howling for You by Christine Warren (eARC)


Reading next:

  • A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’engle (ebook borrowed from library)


Reviews coming soon:

  • The Defiant by Lesley Livingston (audiobook)


Books I read but will not review:

  • The Curse of Tenth Grave by Darynda Jones (audiobook) – 5 Stars
  • Sterling by Dannika Dark (audiobook) – 3 Stars


Reading challenges update:

  • COYER Winter Switch Challenge – 4 books (I did not set a specific number of books I would read)
  • 2018 New Release Challenge – 2 of 20 books
  • 2018 Audiobook Challenge – 7 of 30 audiobooks
  • Goodreads Challenge – 8 of 50 books (1 book ahead of schedule)


New books on my shelf:

Thank you to Tantor Audio for the following audiobooks:

  • Of Spice and Men by Sarah Fox
  • The Dark Ones by Rachel Van Dyken
  • Lucky Charm by Annabel Chase
  • The Skeletons of Scarborough House by Kitty French
  • Three Tequilas by Tricia O’Malley
  • Highland Magic by Donna Grant


Movies and TV

  • Blade Runner 2049 (rented from Redbox) – I thought this was ok. It was a slow story and I kept thinking “please don’t kill Harrison Ford” lol.  With how it ended I have a feeling there will be more movies.
  • The Foreigner (rented from Redbox) – I really liked this movie. Jackie Chan brought his trademark action scenes, but it was also a serious role. It was nice change from his slapstick comedy. Wow, I did not recognize Pierce Bronson (he is older but still handsome).
  • Altered Carbon (Netflix series) – This is a new science fiction series set in a future where consciousness is digitized and stored. When the body dies people can live again in new “skins”, which are often bodies of people who recently died. This is a weird but fascinating show. I love the special effects and the story is interesting. There is a Matrix feel to it, not knowing what is real. We are on episode 6 of 10, and so far we are enjoying this.


What books, movies or TV series have you enjoyed this month? I hope you have a great week!


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14 responses to “Nook Book Wrap-Up #2

  1. Oh, freeway driving can be frightening even if we’re seasoned drivers…if the freeway is unfamiliar. Even though I lived in Sacramento for years, whenever I visit, I am anxious on the freeways…worried about which exit to take. LOL.

    Congrats on her getting the job, though, and she’ll be familiar with the freeways in no time.

    I’m curious about the Altered Carbon series on Netflix.

    Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Kathy

      I grew up in the Bay Area so Sacramento’s freeways aren’t as bad. But I still get nervous and don’t want to get lost lol. There are a lot of good series on Netflix we need to start. Thanks Laurel-Rain for stopping by and I hope you have a great week!

  2. Congrats on your daughter’s job. I don’t blame her for not liking freeway driving. Love the Charley Davidson series. Have a great week.

    • Kathy

      Thank you!! I love the series too and need to start the next book soon. I hope you have a great week too!

  3. That clip, that was me, back when my daughter was 16, and I took her out to practice. I found out she was so nervous, and here she is, 23, still no license. Congrats to your daughter. It’s a real sense of accomplishment to earn some of your own money.

    Sam@WLABB recently posted: In a Nutshell Reviews
    • Kathy

      My daughter is 19, so it took her a while to be comfortable with driving. I also took her out to practice driving and it is a nerve wracking experience lol. Thanks Sam and I hope you have a great week!

  4. Congrats on your daughter’s job! My daughter had the same issue with freeways and her way to and from work was mind boggling but I figured it was her time not mine. Eventually she got her confidence up and was fine with them but it took awhile! Simplifying sounds like a great goal! I could definitely use that. Have a great week!

    • Kathy

      I still remember when I had to drive on the freeway by myself. I was so scared lol. I know she’ll get the hang of it at her own pace. Simplifying has been great. If only I can do that at work too lol. Thanks Katherine for stopping by and I hope you have a great week.

  5. Jaz

    Hi, mom kathy!!! I cant wait for free movie tickets too, lol, but i can definitely wait on marie driving me around!! But im glad youre getting back into reading!! Hopefully we can see each other again soon 💝

    • Kathy

      Lol! Hi Jaz!! Trust me you are not missing out on the experience of her driving lol. We hope to see you soon too!

  6. It’s a little nerve-wracking when you start driving! I was actually an older driver and learned to drive when I was 24. I took the side streets one day to work and it freaked me out. I actually went on the freeway the very next day and now I don’t have any issues! I have driven to Vegas and back multiple times now!

    I totally understand the cold part! Ugh, I grew up in the tropics so anything below 65 is freezing!

    I reread A Wrinkle in Time last year! It was fun! And I can’t wait for the movie!

    • Kathy

      I’ve shown my daughter alternate routes, so she’ll be more comfortable on the freeway at her own pace. It’s funny how our definition of cold is different lol. I’ve been on the libraries waiting list for months, so I hope to finish the book before watching the movie. Thanks Zeee for stopping by and I hope you have a great week!