Top 10 Tuesday – My One Word Goal For 2018

Posted January 16, 2018 by Kathy in Discussion, Top 10 Tuesday / 12 Comments

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This week’s topic is Bookish Resolutions/Goals

It is a new year and time to make resolutions/goals. I have been seeing on social media the use of a single word goal and I love the idea. It is one word that helps define your year ahead. The word for my bookish resolutions/goals is:

I chose “simplify” because last year I felt overwhelmed.  I work full-time outside of my home, so I’m constantly juggling family, work and blogging. I couldn’t read and blog as much last year and I felt stressed over it. But for 2018 I’m taking a simplified approach to my reading and blogging.

I will simplify my reading by:

  • Reducing the reading challenges for 2018. My Goodreads goal for this year is 50 books (last year was 80 books and I struggled to achieve this).  I signed up for the New Release Challenge, aiming for the lowest goal of 1 to 30 books as “New Release Newbie” (with reading just one book I can achieve this goal – no pressure there lol). I also signed up for the Audiobook Challenge, which will be easy for me to achieve (I am always listening to an audiobook because of my commute).
  • Reading from my TBR and allow my mood to guide my way. I have some books I want to re-read and will finally get to some of the thousands of books on my Nook. Seriously, I have 1,635 ebooks on my Nook and 1,003 on my Kindle App that have been waiting for me to read.
  • Not worrying about getting ARCs. I have a couple 2018 ARCs but I have a lot of older books I want to spend my time on.


I will simplify my blogging by:

  • Posting when I can and not stress over it.  I want to bring the “fun” back to blogging, so I will post when I have time.
  • Write down notes as I read to make writing reviews easier and faster. I will write more mini reviews or reviews as a list.  These are a fast and easy way to share my feelings about a book.
  • Accept that it is ok if I don’t write a review for every book I read.
  • Get to know more bloggers by visiting their blogs. I’m terrible with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so I miss a lot of their news on those sites. I think visiting the blogs is more personal and easier for me to socialize.


That’s my goal for this year. What is your bookish resolution/goal for this year?


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12 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday – My One Word Goal For 2018

  1. Simplify is a good word! I’m totally a mood reader and I decided to not do any challenges this year- it’s kinda nice not to have to worry about them. 🙂

    I’m learning I don’t have to write a review for EVERYTHING too and that’s also kinda nice. 🙂

    • Kathy

      It is nice to not have to worry about challenges. But I selected two challenges that are easy for me to complete lol. Thanks Greg!

  2. I love your word for the year. I tried focusing on one word last year and failed miserably at it. I think you’ve come up with some great ways to support your word, however. You are much better prepared than I was! I wish you all the best!

    • Kathy

      Thank you!!! I’m already feeling the difference and I’m back to enjoying reading. Good luck your goals!

  3. That’s an awesome goal! I am a pretty laid back blogger and I don’t stress over it and try to do what I can since I can only blog at night 🙂 if I don’t get to post on that day, I’m totally fine with it…

    • Kathy

      I have to remind myself to not stress over it and it helps seeing other bloggers feel the same way. Thank you for stopping by!

    • Kathy

      I agree! We over complicate things and make things out harder than it needs to be lol. Thanks Nicole!

    • Kathy

      So far this is working! I’m taking my time and enjoying a book off of my TBR. Thanks Katherine!