Audiobooks Have Helped Me With My TBR #JIAM

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June is Audiobook Month so I’m taking this opportunity to convince as many readers to try audiobooks. I started listening to audiobooks last year and it has been a huge help in tackling my TBR and reaching my reading goals. I work full-time so I was struggling with making time for reading. I primarily listen to audiobooks during my commute, which depending on traffic can be an hour and 30 minutes a day, but I also listen while I exercise or do housework. Now I’m tackling my TBR list with an audiobook during the day and an ebook or paperback at night. I never thought I would read more than one book at a time but by selecting a different genre for each format I’m keeping the stories straight (because reading and listening to a paranormal book can make me mix up the story and characters lol) and finally getting to the books on my TBR that I’ve been dying to read.

For years I avoided audiobooks for 2 main reasons:

Audiobooks are too expensive!

This is true but there are ways to save money:

  • The Overdrive app links to your local library so you can borrow ebooks and audiobooks without leaving home.  You can borrow an item up to 21 days, which usually is enough time for me. The only drawback is your library might not have the book you want. But you can recommend the book, which I have done, although it might take some time for the library to acquire it. I don’t mind the wait since there is always other books I’ll find to borrow. Thanks to Grace @ My Book Snack for introducing me to this app and saving me a ton of money.
  • If you want to purchase audiobooks I suggest you use and they offer a free trial. I have the lowest plan which I receive one credit a month to use to purchase any audiobook. One credit a month is enough for me since I use Overdrive for new authors I’m worried to use a credit on lol.  If I do use a credit it is always for an audiobook that costs more than my monthly subscription, that way I get more for my buck. I also love Audible because it is an Amazon company, which means if you already have the Kindle version the audiobook version is at a discounted price. I often use this deal since the discounted price is a steal.
  • Some publishers offer audiobooks to reviewers. The trick is finding which ones do. I currently get audiobooks from Tantor Audio, thanks to the tip from Stormi @ Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My!  Every month they send out a list of upcoming releases and you can decide which ones you want. They send you either the CD by mail or a digital file by email. I then upload the file to iTunes and Jennifer @ The Book Nympho has these easy to follow instructions.


I can’t concentrate on an audiobook and might miss something important!

This is true but this can happen when you read any book. I’ve had audiobooks that I stopped listening to because I couldn’t concentrate on the story because it was boring and it had nothing to do with the narrator. If you are really worried about this here are some suggestions:

  • Listen to an audiobook of a book you loved. My first audiobook was The Vixen and the Vet by Katy Regnery. I had won the audiobook and loved how the narrator brought my favorite characters to life. I fell more in love with this book after listening to it. And I became hooked on audiobooks!
  • Listen to the next book in a series.  I did this with Cress by Marissa Meyer and was amazed with narrator Rebecca Soler’s performance.  Rebecca has narrated all of Marissa Meyer’s books (so far) and now I automatically purchase the audiobooks.


I hope my suggestions help to change your mind about audiobooks.  Later this month I’ll share a list of my favorite narrators and series for audiobooks.

Have you tried audiobooks?  Do you love them or hate them?

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10 responses to “Audiobooks Have Helped Me With My TBR #JIAM

  1. Sam

    I have grown to love listening to audiobooks in the car, when I am running errands or doing chores. I found that contemporaries work best for me, and listen primarily to contemporary romances. I tried some SFF books, but the stories are too complicated and I miss details. My library allows me to borrow from Hoopla, which is nice, because it is transaction based – no waits.
    Sam @ WLABB

    • Kathy

      I don’t listen to a lot of SFF for that same reason. If I do it is authors I have already read and know their world building isn’t too complicated. I’ll have to see if I can use Hoopla. Thanks Sam for the tip!!

  2. For those on a serious budget Audible.Com has a plan for a credit every other month. 6 credits a year. You have to ask for it through their customer service.

    • Kathy

      That’s good to know! I’ve been saving up my credits since I’m listening on Overdrive or the Tantor CDs. So I might ask for that plan. Thanks Kim!

  3. I too have only started listening to audiobooks in the past two years, also on my commute, which is about a half hour each way. I use overdrive (or Cloud Library, which my library is phasing out). My husband got an Audible account to listen to some books a therapist recommended, since he doesn’t enjoy reading, and he absentmindedly renewed the account despite not using it, so I am using his credits to get books for me! I tend to choose the longer, more intimidating books that I wouldn’t have patience for otherwise. I’ve listened to Columbine, The Good Earth, and am now listening to Americanah. When I’ve tried more plot-oriented books, I’ve ended up just getting the hard copy and reading it to myself, because I can’t handle the slow pace of being read to when I just want to know what happens next. Also, I feel like I’m getting good value on the books that take hours and hours to listen to. I’ve only come across one off-putting narrator; usually I am amazed at how well the readers bring the range of characters to life.

    • Kathy

      It’s good to hear you are enjoying audiobooks too. I understand what you mean about the lengthy books. I had listened to Diana Gabaldon’s last Outlander book which I enjoyed but there was a lot of historical details I couldn’t concentrate on. I think keeping these types of books for reading is a good idea. Thanks Wendy for stopping by!

  4. Rebecca Soler is my favorite audiobook narrator by far—I listened to both Heartless and Caraval narrated by her and I LOVED them both. My library uses Overdrive and Hoopla AND Axis 360 (which seems to have an amazing selection), so I can pretty much have audiobooks to tide me over for forever without paying for them.

    • Kathy

      I love Rebecca Soler and how she brings the story to life. I’ll have to see if I can use Hoopla and Axis 360. That would be a great way to save money. Thanks Nicole for the tip and for stopping by!

  5. I’m very new to audiobooks. I only just started this month! I was sure I was going to have issues focusing on them so I started with a middle grade audio and now I’m listening to The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden. I don’t think I would have been interested in it reading it myself because of the slow pace. Having it read to me while I clean, cook, garden, etc is so much nicer. I think I will probably start a lot of books I’ve put off because of their length. I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to start them though!

    • Kathy

      Being able to get to those books on my TBR is what I love about audiobooks. Sometimes I’m too tired to read when I get off work but at least I’ve listened to a couple of chapters while driving home. I’ve kicked myself a lot this year for waiting so long on some books. Thanks Stacy for stopping by!