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Audiobook Review – FeversongFeversong Series: Fever #9
by Karen Marie Moning
Narrator: Jim Frangione, Amanda Leigh Cobb
Published by Brilliance Audio on January 17, 2017
Genres: Adult Paranormal Romance
Length: 16 hours and 29 minutes
Format: Audiobook
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning returns with the epic conclusion to her pulse-pounding Fever series, where a world thrown into chaos grows more treacherous at every turn. As Mac, Barrons, Ryodan, and Jada struggle to restore control, enemies become allies, right and wrong cease to exist, and the lines between life and death, lust and love, disappear completely.

Black holes loom menacingly over Dublin, threatening to destroy the Earth. Yet the greatest danger is the one MacKayla Lane has unleashed from within: the Sinsar Dubh—a sentient book of unthinkable evil—has possessed her body and will stop at nothing in its insatiable quest for power.

The fate of Man and Fae rests on destroying the book and recovering the long-lost Song of Making, the sole magic that can repair the fragile fabric of the Earth. But to achieve these aims, sidhe-seers, the Nine, Seelie, and Unseelie must form unlikely alliances and make heart-wrenching choices. For Barrons and Jada, this means finding the Seelie Queen who alone can wield the mysterious song, negotiating with a lethal Unseelie prince hell-bent on ruling the Fae courts, and figuring out how to destroy the Sinsar Dubh while keeping Mac alive.

This time, there’s no gain without sacrifice, no pursuit without risk, no victory without irrevocable loss. In the battle for Mac’s soul, every decision exacts a tremendous price.


Feversong is the exciting finale for the Fever series.  Since you must read the previous books this will be a mini-review.

Feversong had me on an emotional roller coaster:

  • I was disgusted and angry with the Sinsar Dubh’s horrid acts
  • I was jumping for joy when signs of the old Dani came back
  • I was frustrated at their many failed attempts of saving the world
  • I was swooning for Barrons, Ryodan and Dancer
  • I was heartbroken with the loss of characters I loved
  • I was satisfied with the ending


Overall, I enjoyed Feversong but there were parts of the story that was slow paced and had me frustrated. This book technically isn’t the end for the series since author Karen Marie Moning announced the next book would be released in 2018 and will feature Dani. Fans of the Fever series should read this book – the story of the Sinsar Dubh finally comes to an end and you don’t want to miss a side of Barrons and Ryodan that will have falling in love with these sexy men even more!

5 Star Audiobooks

This is my first time listening to narrators Jim Frangione and Amanda Leigh Cobb and they were amazing!  Both narrator’s performance had the sarcasm and whit of the characters I’ve grown to love. They had me laughing, swooning and crying.  This is the only book from the series they are teamed together and I hope they are brought back for the next book.  I’ve added the audiobooks they narrate to my TBR.


Rating Report
Audiobook Performance
Overall: four-half-stars


Author Karen Marie Moning announced on her Facebook page that the next book in the Fever series is called High Voltage and takes place approximately two years after Feversong ends. I can’t wait for this book because Dani is the MC and we’ll see some of the secondary characters. My wish is that the author would write more about the Nine. Little is known about these immortals and fans haven’t been introduced to all the Nine characters.  So here is my dream cast of the Nine and hopefully one day my wish for their story will come true.

About Karen Marie Moning

“The only other calling I ever felt was an irrepressible desire to be Captain of my own Starship. I was born in the wrong century and it wasn’t possible, so I chose to explore the universe by writing fiction instead. Books are doors to endless adventure.” -KMM

Karen Marie Moning is the #1 NYT bestselling author of the Fever Series and Highlander novels.

An alum of the Immaculate Conception Academy, at seventeen she attended Purdue University where she completed a BA in Society & Law, with minors in Philosophy, Creative Writing and Theatre, while working full time as a bartender and computer consultant. She intended to go to law school but after an internship with a firm of Criminal Attorneys, decided against it. For the next decade, she worked in insurance, where she wrote intercompany arbitrations and directed commercial litigation. At the age of thirty, she decided it was time to get serious and do what she’d always wanted to do: write fiction novels.

Beyond the Highland Mist was published in 1999 and nominated for two RITA awards. She then published six more novels in her award-winning HIGHLANDER series, and received the RITA Award in 2001 for The Highlander’s Touch.

In 2004, she began writing the #1 New York Times bestselling FEVER series. The books have been optioned twice for potential franchise development by Twentieth Century Fox and DreamWorks Studios, but the rights are currently held by Moning who has expressed a desire to one day see it as a television series. Her novels have been published in over thirty countries. She divides her time between Ohio and Florida and is working on two future projects for Random House Publishing.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” – Jorge Luis Borges

Reading this book contributed to these challenges:

  • 2017 Audiobook Challenge
  • 2017 New Release Challenge


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