Audiobook Review – Star Wars: Lost Stars

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Audiobook Review – Star Wars: Lost StarsStar Wars: Lost Stars Series: Star Wars Canon
by Claudia Gray
Narrator: Pierce Cravens
Published by Listening Library on September 4, 2015
Genres: Young Adult Science Fiction
Length: 11 hours and 41 minutes
Format: Audiobook
Source: Borrowed
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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Eight years after the fall of the Old Republic, the Galactic Empire now reigns over the known galaxy. Resistance to the Empire has been all but silenced. Only a few courageous leaders such as Bail Organa of Alderaan still dare to openly oppose Emperor Palpatine.

After years of defiance, the many worlds at the edge of the Outer Rim have surrendered. With each planet’s conquest, the Empire’s might grows stronger.

The latest to fall under the Emperor’s control is the isolated mountain planet Jelucan, whose citizens hope for a more prosperous future even as the Imperial Starfleet gathers overhead…


5 Stars for Lost Stars!

Lost Stars was incredible and blew my mind.  This is the second book I’ve read from author Claudia Gray and I’m hooked on her writing!

Lost Stars is a creative work of art. Claudia Gray took our beloved Star Wars franchise and added her own twist with new characters. At first I was a little hesitant about reading this since I love the original characters but I am so glad I took a chance on this. The main characters Ciena and Thane are childhood friends and their story is a unique look in to the Empire. Their love of flying and devotion to the Empire brought them together and as they both enter the Imperial Academy their friendship grows stronger. Lost Stars is a refreshing story and we see the two friends react to the events covered in A New Hope up to Return of the Jedi. This was a compelling view through their eyes which finally gives a voice to the Storm Troopers and other personnel in the Empire. As the events unfold in front of their eyes I found it interesting to see how Ciena and Thane reactions differed. Thane has always known there is evil in the world due to the abuse he received from his father. His reaction to question his loyalty to Empire is true to how most of us would feel.  But Ciena’s reaction had me feeling partly frustrated.  Ciena was raised by loving parents who instilled in her the value of loyalty. Despite the destruction of Alderaan Ciena convinces herself the Empire was just in their decision to attack. Even though Ciena frustrated me I did understand her rationale. Ciena grew up shielded by the despair felt throughout the galaxy so it made sense she would believe the propaganda fed to her by the Empire. Despite their differences in opinions Ciena and Thane’s friendship and love for each other stayed strong. The only problem I had with Lost Stars is the ending. There is no closure for Ciena and Thane’s story and it appears that the author has no plans for writing a second book.  This is really disappointing because I have to know what happened to them!!

Lost Stars is a must read for all Star Wars fans!

3 Stars for Audiobook Performance

Pierce Cravens does a good job but it wasn’t as exciting as Bloodlines. He was pleasant to listen to but I wish he had made distinct voices for the characters. This would have been easier to follow along and would have been more entertaining. Overall this was good to listen to.

Rating Report
Audiobook Performance
Overall: five-stars

About Claudia Gray

Claudia Gray is not my real name. I didn't choose a pseudonym because my real name is unpleasant (it isn't), because I'd always dreamed of calling myself this (I haven't) or even because I'm hiding from the remnants of that international diamond-smuggling cartel I smashed in 2003 (Interpol has taken care of them). In short, I took a pseudonym for no real reason whatsoever. Sometimes this is actually the best reason to do things.

I live in New Orleans. So far, in life, I've been a disc jockey, a lawyer, a journalist and an extremely bad waitress, just to name a few. I especially like to spend time traveling, hiking, reading and listening to music. More than anything else, I enjoy writing.

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2 responses to “Audiobook Review – Star Wars: Lost Stars

  1. Yay, glad you liked it! I did too. The one thing I thought was really cool was how both Ciena and Thane entered the Academy, and neither one initially realized at first how bad the empire was. That kinda reminded me how Luke had wanted to enter the Academy as well. I agree with you about Ciena though, it did take her perhaps a bit too long to see the light. And yeah the ending. But Claudia Gray can write star Wars! 🙂

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    • Kathy

      I really liked the Academy setting and getting a glimpse at life in the Empire. I hope Claudia Gray writes more Star Wars books! Now I have to read her other series.