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Posted February 25, 2016 by Kathy in Discussion / 12 Comments

Beyond the Books is a weekly meme hosted by which gives bloggers topics (mostly non-bookish) to discuss about. This is a fun way of learning more about each other. Check out her blog for the schedule of topics.

This week’s topic is:

Scariest moment of your life


One of the scariest moments of my life was when my oldest daughter Tyler Marie had to have emergency surgery. She was only 2 years old and a door was slammed on her thumb. We were at a party and her cousin accidentally closed the door on her. Her tiny thumb was split in half at the nail and because she was so little they had to do surgery that night. It was so heartbreaking to see her in pain! When it was time for the surgery I held her while they put her IV. She was crying because of the needle but then she calmed down because of the anesthesia. She was laughing and then the nurse took her from my arms. As they were walking into the surgery room my daughter reached out to me and called “Momma”. I started crying and I felt so helpless. The surgery was about an hour and they let me stay with her in the recovery room. She was still unconscious when I got there and I cried seeing her in the bed with all the tubes still connected to her. They wrapped her entire hand in gauze so that her thumb can heal and she acted fine when we brought her home. Her thumb healed completely. I watched her like a hawk after this accident because I never wanted to see her in pain again.


Now it is your turn. What is the scariest moment of your life?


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12 responses to “Beyond The Books – My Scariest Moment

    • Kathy

      When it happened I warned all my friends with little kids. This was a scary moment. Thanks Nick for stopping by!

    • Kathy

      I was almost in tears writing this post. I still remember all the details of seeing her in the recovery room. She was fine the next day but I was still a wreck lol. Thanks Katherine for stopping by!

    • Kathy

      A hovering mother is good! When they are so little they get into everything it’s scary! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. It is so hard to see your child in a hospital bed. I can’t imagine all the blood and then surgery. Sounds so scary, especially for the mother in that situation. I am relived to hear it healed so well. Do you think she even remembers? I know you will never forget it.

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    • Kathy

      Kids are so resilient she was playing the next day. I was a nervous wreck though lol. She doesn’t remember it but I will definitely never forget. Thanks Karen for stopping by!