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Beyond the Books is a weekly meme hosted by which gives bloggers topics (mostly non-bookish) to discuss about. This is a fun way of learning more about each other. Check out her blog for the schedule of topics.

This week’s topic is:

Something(s) you won


I’ve won a lot of books from Goodreads and bloggers but here are 2 of my favorite prizes I’ve won:


A couple years ago I won a Disneyland trip from a radio station. The trip was for 4 people and included airfare, a stay at a Disney hotel and park tickets. That summer we were planning on taking a cruise with my family so to save on airfare I planned the Disneyland trip a couple days before the cruise (which left at a port in Los Angeles). We took a taxi from Disneyland to the port to meet our family. My girls were 2 and 7 so they were so excited for both trips. And since I didn’t have to worry about the hotel and park tickets I treated the girls to a couple character meals and extra souvenirs which they loved. It was a great trip.


In 2014 I won a chance to meet the cast of Outlander at Comic Con San Diego (here is my post recap). Weeks before the convention Starz Outlander was promoting their appearance at Comic Con so I was so excited. I visited the Starz booth every day and stood in line for the giveaways. I kept asking about the cast signing and finally I found the right person to talk to. I told her I was a huge fan and she just handed me the ticket for the signing. The cast, author Diana Gabaldon and producer Ronald D. Moore each signed a mini poster and I had a chance to talk to them briefly.

Outlander Signing CC2014


On the day of the signing I stood in the perfect spot in line because the cast had to pass me to get to the table. Here is a funny picture of actor Sam Hueghan and I taking a picture of each other (I’m the crazy one with the green phone). He later posted the picture on Instagram.

Sam Collage


Now it is your turn. What have you won?


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12 responses to “Beyond the Books – Something(s) I’ve Won

    • Kathy

      The Outlander cast beats Disneyland for me too lol. I’ve met Diana Gabaldon twice and I had a great experience for both meetings. The lines were so long but she stayed and talked to everyone. Thanks Lexxie!

    • Kathy

      An 8 hour drive with a 2 year-old would not have been fun so I was so happy to win the airline tickets lol. Meeting the Outlander cast was amazing. Thanks Katherine for stopping by!

  1. So far my best win has been a $25 Amazon GC that i won about a month ago, I have never won anything major, I have won several books last week some from Goodreads and some from blogs. Boy that Disney trip had to be awesome!! Congrats!!

    • Kathy

      Gift cards are a great prize because you can get whatever you want. My problem is always trying to decide which book I want more lol. The trip was fun. Thanks Joann!