Beyond The Books: What I Am Most Proud Of

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Beyond the Books is a weekly meme hosted by which gives bloggers topics (mostly non-bookish) to discuss about. This is a fun way of learning more about each other. Check out her blog for the schedule of topics.


This week’s topic is:

I am most proud of…


I am most proud of my family and here is why:


My marriage – we’ll be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in December. But my husband and I have actually been together for 26 years. We met my senior year of high school, I was 17 and he was 20. We’ve been through a lot together. We have supported each other through the growing pains of early adulthood, school, career changes and family tragedies. We survived and our love and respect for each other grows every day. We see some of our friends marriages end in divorce so we are blessed to have a strong relationship.


My husband – as an auto mechanic you can gain a shady reputation, but that is not true for my husband. He has always been an honest man. He’s worked for companies that had salesmen tell customers they need a long list of work done (just to earn a commission). After he inspects the car he will be honest with the customer if work is not needed. This would cause problems with the salesmen but my husband would refuse to back down. Our neighbors often ask him for help with their cars and he’ll try to work on their cars at our home. But I sometimes have to tell him to say no so that he can rest and relax during the weekends.


My daughter Tyler Marie – Tyler Marie is 17-years-old and being a teenager these days is so much harder than I was her age. With social media, kids are so mean to each other by posting hateful things. Tyler has been the victim of bullying and we’ve worked with her to overcome this. As a parent you want to do whatever it takes to help your children but you have to step back and allow them to solve their problems. So I’m really proud of Tyler for finding the strength within to overcome this. She can always come to us for anything but Tyler can look back at these events knowing she conquer whatever life throws at her. I’m also proud of Tyler because she’s smart, funny and talented.


My daughter Kailee – Kailee is 12-years-old and is an amazing girl. I went on her school camping trip and I was so surprised at how brave she is. Kailee is shy and quiet but during this trip I saw a different side of her. She did great on the hiking trips (leaving me behind) and did the zip lines with no sign of fear. In fact she volunteered to be the first one to do the swing. Kailee is in all honors classes and she has adjusted well to her new junior high school. She is also really creative with her drawings and is writing stories.



Now it is your turn. What are you most proud of?


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8 responses to “Beyond The Books: What I Am Most Proud Of

  1. Your family sounds wonderful. My brother-in-law is an auto mechanic, and he’s had similar experiences as your husband. Congratulations on 20 years of marriage! My husband and I have been married 17 years last July and together for 24 years, so we’re close behind. 🙂

    I am so sorry your oldest had to experience bullying. I did too when I was in middle school and high school. I can’t even imagine what it must be like today with social media. I worry about that for my daughter. She’s only 4 1/2 right now, but it’s still something I think about. Your daughters sound amazing.

    I can see why you are proud of them. 🙂

    Literary Feline recently posted: Beyond the Books: What I Am Most Proud Of
    • Kathy

      Thanks and congratulations on your 24 years together! It is tough being a kid these days and my advice for you is to keep your daughter off of social media like Facebook. That is where the bullying started and I wish I never approved of her creating an account. Because of this my youngest daughter isn’t allowed on those websites (even though her friends have them). Kids don’t realize how hurtful they are and how everyone can see their comments.

  2. Your family sounds so wonderful! 26 years is so awesome. My daughter is 17 as well, she is a serious nerd but very proud of that. 12 is a really tough age. Yours girls are so lucky to have such a loving couple as role models for what a relationship should look like. That is a lot to be proud of.

    Karen Blue recently posted: Review: 438 DAYS by Jonathan Franklin
    • Kathy

      Thanks Karen! We’ve been through a lot together and learned from our mistakes. Our kids have it harder than we did. They have the same problems we did but now it’s all broadcasted on the internet.

  3. I think family is our best achievement, and I congratulate you on your wonderful kids and husband.

    I see how hard it is with teens in this social networking age…as my granddaughters have experienced some of the same things.

    Enjoy them every day…and thanks for sharing.

    Laurel-Rain Snow recently posted: AUTHOR’S HOME PAGE
    • Kathy

      Thanks Laurel-Rain! Social network is a great way to stay in touch with people but some just abuse it.