San Fran Golden Gate Author Event 2015 – Recap

Posted August 11, 2015 by Kathy in Events / 2 Comments

Last Saturday was the San Fran Golden Gate Author Event (SFGGAE) and I had an amazing time!!

This was the very first SFGGAE . I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the event organizer Nadine through the XOXperts team and also in person at the Love & Fifty event. I also had a chance to interview her (you can see my post here). The days leading up to the event were stressful for Nadine (as we saw on her Facebook posts) but she put on an incredible event!!

I live in Sacramento so I left my house at 7 am to make sure I arrived in San Francisco early enough to help set up. The drive is 2 hours and this was my first time driving into the city alone. I grew up in the Bay Area but I’ve never driven into the city because I was always scared to lol. There are a lot of one-way streets, steep hills and crazy drivers!! So I was really nervous driving alone into the city. But I made it in one piece lol.

For this event I assisted author Katy Regnery. Katy was the first author to approach me for a review when I started my blog. At the time she was debuting as an author so together we have learned so much about the book industry. It was really exciting to finally meet her after 2 years of talking in emails and on Facebook. We had so much fun talking about her books, our kids and life. And she was so easy to talk to, not just with me but with everyone that came to her table. She brought me and other street team members some great swag and they are too pretty for me to use.

Katy SFGG2015

I also was able to meet author TK Leigh. She is another author I connected with when I first started blogging and it was great to finally meet her. She was so nice to talk to and she looked amazing! I never looked that good when I was pregnant!


For this event I didn’t bring a lot of books to have signed. This was because I have no space to store them but also because I do prefer to read ebooks. But I couldn’t help to bring a couple of books:

Books SFGG2015

It was going to be clear that Jennifer L. Armentrout was going to be the popular author for the event. This was her first time to California and she also came with her book cover model Drew Leighty. I knew her line would be long but as a perk for being a volunteer I was able to see the authors before the event started. Jennifer was the first author I lined up for and she was great to talk to. Drew was cute!!

Jennifer SFGG2015

Another author who had a long line was Jay Crownover. She was fun to talk to and I was able to get an early copy of Better When He’s Brave!

Jay SFGG2015

Here are the other authors I met and the event bag I had them all sign:

SFGG2015 Collage

This was the best event I have been to so far. Not only because of the authors but also because I met a lot of bloggers and readers that I have been chatting with online (on Facebook or Twitter). It was really fun to finally meet everyone in person.

Nadine is putting together next year’s event and I can’t wait to go!


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2 responses to “San Fran Golden Gate Author Event 2015 – Recap

    • Kathy

      I had a great time! For this event I knew some of the bloggers and authors from Facebook so it was great meeting them in person.