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San Fran Golden Gate Event


The San Fran Golden Gate Author Event is coming August 8th!! Look at the authors that are attending!! Get your tickets today!!

I can’t wait for this event and I’m excited to have grabbed a quick interview with the host and organizer Nadine from Hook Me Up Book Blog.


Welcome Nadine!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?  Is it your blog or are you a contributor? How did you decide to start a book blogging?

Hi there!

A little bit about myself? Sure I can do that. I was born and raised in Germany and decided at 22 to move to beautiful San Francisco – that was seven years ago. I’m a sucker everything Italian related *mmmh* and am a gym-rat and love to go to the movies (when not snuggled up on the coach reading a book).

Hook Me Up Book Blog is now my little blog. I started blogging/reviewing because Nina Levine contacted me on Goodreads and asked if I’d like to blog with her; she and I read both a lot and had similar tastes and I couldn’t say no to that. I was game right away and six month later Nina published her first book and as we now know she’s pretty successful, as a result I took over completely and this baby is now completely mine 😉 Best decision two years ago to join my friend because I found my true passion in reading, blogging and editing.


You are the organizer for the San Fran Golden Gate Author Event that is coming August 8, 2015. What challenges have you encountered in organizing this event? You have assisted for other author events, have you learned some “dos” and “don’ts” from that experience?

Actually I’m pretty relaxed about it. I’ve a co-host to keep me sane – just in case – but honestly I’m a one-woman show (I blame my German genes for that!) and haven’t asked her for help at all yet- I’m sure she thinks I’m crazy lol. When I start something I try to be as organized as good as possible and it’s fun. I majored in Travel & Tourism and have several certificates in it, one of them is in Event Management, and I just love it. I like to ‘work’ with people and make them happy by offering something they will enjoy and yes my brain is full of things I’ve to do, write, send, create, etc. but it’s fun, considering I’m doing this as a side project while working two jobs and other things.

One challenge for sure was to make this event as affordable as possible, considering how expensive San Francisco’s venues and hotel rates are. My goal is it that the authors and readers have a great time in the city and at the event without spending tons of money for expensive tickets or table fees – I rather have them spend more money buying books 😉 Another challenge was deciding who to pick and to invite. There are so many awesome authors out there and it was tough. But because this is my first event I decided to make this invite-only, basically representing my reading taste (which is pretty diverse), hoping it’ll attract and please many readers. I wanted this event to be mixed so that new/smaller authors have the same chance of exposure – I mean that’s the whole point of an event, meeting (new) authors, no?

I’ve assisted at three events – San Francisco, Seattle and Vegas – last year. Both were great experiences and the “dos” and “don’ts” are hard to say. What works/worked for them doesn’t for me but it wasn’t necessarily wrong, you know. Surely, I don’t want to copy-cat anyone and we all use bits and pieces from each other to make our event a memorable one, so there are no “dos” and “don’ts” – unless you’re rude and step out of line as host but that’s a different topic and thankfully I haven’t witnessed such behavior yet.

Do you read every genre or do you confine your reads to a couple of genres?  Which is your favorite?

Ah the famous question. I’ve preferred genres, everyone has them. Of course I like the romance genre especially if added some paranormal characters – I’m a big fan of supernatural/paranormal/urban fantasy books. I’m a picky romance reader if it’s not dark, suspenseful or paranormal. I read only from a handful of authors YA adult books and even the NA genre feels “overused” for me, same story over and over; thus, the plot and character development really needs to standout for me to give it a good rating-  hot sex alone doesn’t cut it for me. Dark reads (and erotica) is another favorite of mine if well written.

I noticed I’m not a fan of historical romance Sci-Fi, don’t ask me why but I just can’t get into them so I categorized them as: not my cup of tea

If you could invite any 5 authors to dinner, who would you invite and why?

Tricky question! I’m certain with those ladies I’d have a great time during dinner:

– Karina Halle

– Gail McHugh

– Mia Asher

– Nina Levine

– Lauren Stewart

I think my author picks basically represent my reading taste 😉


Here are some fun questions to get to know the “real” you!


  • Five TV shows you can’t live without


– The Grimm

– Penny Dreadful

– The Vikings

– The Originals


  • One actor you wish you can meet (and possibly lick) in person

Definitely TOM HARDY!! His mouth and accent …. to die for


  • Hot cocoa or coffee

Total coffee addict


  • Cabin in the woods or 5-Star Resort

With a guy I’d pick a cabin but not in the middle of the woods, more like on a lake because otherwise I’d be scared as hell (I watch too many horror movies!) Alone I pick the 5-Star Resort because I love to get spoiled – gaah such a girl


  • Silk or fleece

Silk, definitely silk. Best feeling ever on your skin


Is there anything else you would like to add?

If you’d like to attend my author event come join the San Fran Golden Gate Author Event attendees group, tickets are now available and it’ll be fun. Also if you’d like to stop by and drop me a line or two over at my blog I’d love to hear from you: HookMeUpBookBog

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