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Book Review – ManwhoreManwhore Series: Manwhore #1
by Katy Evans
Published by Gallery Books on March 24, 2015
Genres: Adult Contemporary Romance
Pages: 368
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher
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Is it possible to expose Chicago’s hottest player—without getting played?

This is the story I've been waiting for all my life, and its name is Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint. Don’t be fooled by that last name though. There’s nothing holy about the man except the hell his parties raise. The hottest entrepreneur Chicago has ever known, he’s a man’s man with too much money to spend and too many women vying for his attention.

Mysterious. Privileged. Legendary. His entire life he’s been surrounded by the press as they dig for tidbits to see if his fairytale life is for real or all mirrors and social media lies. Since he hit the scene, his secrets have been his and his alone to keep. And that’s where I come in.

Assigned to investigate Saint and reveal his elusive personality, I’m determined to make him the story that will change my career.

But I never imagined he would change my life. Bit by bit, I start to wonder if I'm the one discovering him...or if he's uncovering me.

What happens when the man they call Saint, makes you want to sin?

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Manwhore is the intense and sensual romance of billionaire playboy Malcolm Saint and Rachel Livingston, a young reporter who has her eye on nabbing the story of the century.

Malcolm Saint is Chicago’s hottest businessman and legendary manwhore. He is a ruthless businessman and legendary lover, but he has secrets that the world is dying to know.  These are secrets that can save Edge magazine. That is how Rachel Livingston gets the chance of a lifetime – to work undercover and write an expose on Malcolm Saint.  Rachel is young and wants to be a writer that will change the world.  The assignment doesn’t sit well with her values but it is a career move that will ensure her Mom will be taken care of.  Reluctantly Rachel approaches Malcolm.  What began as a job slowly transforms into a powerful and passionate relationship.  The scenes between Malcolm and Rachel were sexy and explosive. They opened themselves to each other, revealing their secret pain.  But I was frustrated with the pace of the story. Rachel struggles with keeping her integrity and values during this assignment, but the attraction for Malcolm is too strong to resist. So the continuous back and forth of her giving in to the passion but then taking a step back ruined the excitement of the story.  Also a source of frustration was with Rachel’s best friend Gina. Gina’s ex-boyfriend cheated on her so she has given up on men.  Gina uses that bitterness to constantly remind her friends not to trust men, so instead of protecting them from a broken heart Gina is really holding them back from finding any happiness. Gina claims to be supportive but she actually is the worst book best friend I have ever read.

Despite my frustrations I did like Manwhore. This is the first book I have read from Katy Evans and her writing drew me in and kept me wanting more. Rachel was irritating but once you know her past you will understand her fears. Malcolm is sexy but the main focus was on Rachel so I need more time with him to decide if he will be added to my list of book boyfriends. The cliffhanger ending is dramatic and I can’t wait to read the next book.

I received this book as a member of the XOXperts, XOXO After Dark’s official street team, in exchange for an honest review. Visit for the best in romance, urban fantasy and women’s fiction.


Purple Theme Song

In the beginning of the book there is a playlist of some sexy and romantic songs.  But while I was reading this I couldn’t help but think of the song Earned It by The Weeknd.  The song is from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack but the opening lyric reminded me of Malcolm:

You make it look like it’s magic

Cause I see nobody,

Nobody but you, you, you

I’m never confused

Hey, hey

I’m so used to being used

As you continue to listen to the song it’s Malcolm and Rachel’s story. Malcolm has always been used for sex or for money but Rachel is different from all the rest. Rachel knows he is a player and will get hurt eventually, so she doesn’t want to admit her feelings for Malcolm. This song is Malcolm talking to Rachel! This is the perfect theme song for Manwhore!

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Rating Report
Overall: four-stars

About Katy Evans

Katy Evans grew up with books and book-boyfriends until she found a real sexy boyfriend to love. They married and are now hard at work on their own happily ever after. Katy loves her family and friends, and she also loves reading, walking, baking, and being consumed by her characters until she reaches “The End.” Which is, hopefully, only the beginning…

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11 responses to “Book Review – Manwhore

  1. I really loved your review. I have been debating getting this, but I think I would like to try it. I especially love stories that just pull you in. Love your blog here, its so classy. New Follower here.

    • Kathy

      Iza that is how I feel too! There are too many billionaire stories out there so I was a little hesitant about reading this. It started off slow but once it picked up I couldn’t wait to find out what happened. I hope you like it!