Book Blogger Hop – March 13 to 19

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Question of the Week:

What is more important to you when you are deciding to read a book?


My Answer:

Here is what I look at when I decide to read a book:

The author – If I have read one of their books it affects my decision. If I am a fan than I most likely will read the book. If I’ve never read from them then I will look at the reviews.

The book’s synopsis – if the story sounds interesting then I probably would read it but I do have some pet peeves about the synopsis.  If there are any misspellings or mistakes in grammar I would not read the book.  If there are these mistakes in the synopsis I can just imagine how bad the entire book is written. Another pet peeve is if the synopsis reveals too much of the story. I hate this! I want to feel some excitement to a twist to the story.

The reviews – I like to see the overall review ratings of the book.  There are some bloggers that have influenced me on some books because we have enjoyed the same titles, so if I see a negative or positive review from them I take this into consideration.

The price – there are only a small list of authors that I will pay full price of their eBooks.  I am huge fans of theirs and I have paid up to $14 for their eBook. For other authors I try to wait for the eBook to go on sale or be free.


Now it is your turn to answer the question!


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4 responses to “Book Blogger Hop – March 13 to 19

  1. Good answers. I included the importance of the author in my response too. I forgot to mention reviews and synopsis, doh.

    I am glad to have discovered your blog on the hop!

    • Kathy

      Thanks Jason! I try to read from new authors but I get worried about buyers remorse lol. So I like to look at a couple of things before I buy. Thanks for stopping by!