#FitReaders Check-in 5

Posted January 30, 2015 by Kathy in Life Challenge / 12 Comments

#FitReaders is hosted by Geeky Bloggers Book Blog and That’s What I’m Talking About . This is a great way to motivate each other to get and stay moving!
Last week I didn’t exercise as much as I wanted to. This was a busy week at work because we are training 9 new staff so I got in a lot of steps from walking back and forth to answer their questions. It’s never been like this before so I was hardly sitting at my desk. So by the time I got home I was too tired to do anything else. For February I’m looking for a class to sign up for. I need to push myself more if I want to lose any weight.


Here is what I did last week:

Friday – rest
Saturday – 45 minute walking
Sunday – 45 minute walking
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 30 minute stationary bike
Wednesday – 30 minute stationary bike
Thursday – rest
Here is one of the daily tips I received from work. I try to buy organic foods but it can be expensive. So this is a good tip to save some money.
Three foods that need not be organic

Although buying organic is often best, in some cases, you can save money with conventionally grown produce that’s less likely to test high for pesticides:
Cabbage. The humble cabbage has much to boast about. A cruciferous wunderkind, it contains plenty of brain-boosting vitamin K, as well as glucosinolates, antioxidants that may inhibit the development of hormone-related diseases, such as breast and prostate cancer. Your house will smell amazing with this new spin on a traditional dish bubbling away on the stovetop.
Sweet potatoes. One of the best sources of vitamin A, sweet potatoes really deliver on carotenoids, which can strengthen eyesight and boost the immune system. Naturally fat free and low in sodium, these beauties are available in standard orange, as well as white, yellow, pink, and purple. Showcase their sweet simplicity with a slow, caramelizing roast.
Onions. Rich in vitamin C, folic acid, and heart-healthy fiber, this pantry staple is a source of happy tears. Onions are the perfect building block for many dishes, including soups and sauces. Or let them steal the spotlight in this crunchy, satisfying, nutritious version of a dinner favorite.
Arm yourself with more information and check out Environmental Working Group’s complete list of the Clean 15.


How was your week?


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12 responses to “#FitReaders Check-in 5

    • Kathy

      I would like to try a spin class. I hope I can find something that can fit with my schedule. Thanks Adriana!

    • Kathy

      Thanks Kathryn! I love sweet potato and I like it plain. It’s filling and a great snack =)

  1. Walking around at working and being on your feet all day is SO tiring! Looks like you still did pretty good! I’m really enjoying my BodyFlow class and would recommend some type of yoga class. I can already feel the difference in my core and muscles. And you do burn calories!!

    Jen Twimom recently posted: #FitReaders Weekly Check-In: Jan. 30, 2015
    • Kathy

      This was news to me too. It can be overwhelming at the grocery store here where they have half the department marked as “organic”. So it is good to know now what I can save some money on =)