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I had just finished reading The Young Elites so I was really excited to hear Marie Lu was doing a book signing. The signing was at Face in a Book bookstore in El Dorado Hills. The store is 38 miles (a 45 minute drive) from where I live but it is so worth the drive. Most of the book signings are in the San Francisco Bay Area which is 2 hours away so it is so nice to have authors visiting my area.

I arrived at the bookstore 15 minutes before it started and I was surprised at how many people were there. The store handed out numbers which was a great way to keep the line organized. I was number 43, so now I know to get to the store earlier for future signings. My ARC of The Young Elites was already signed at Comic Con so I bought Prophecy to be signed. I haven’t read the Legend series but I already have the first book, Legend, as an ebook. After hearing Marie talk about the series I really want to read the series soon. She explained how her inspiration for the series came from her childhood. She was in the Tiananmen Square in China during the protests but luckily she had already left the square before the shootings. I remember when this happened so now I’m really curious about her series.


Marie also spoke about The Young Elites and how originally the main character was Raphael. But the story was not exciting and her agent suggested the main character changed to Adelina. Marie revealed that Adelina is a female version of Dark Vadar and The Young Elites is the rise of a villain. After hearing this now it all makes sense why I didn’t like her! This changes my view of the book and can really see how Adelina is being pulled to the dark side. This sort of spoils the series but I really want to see how the story evolves.  I can’t wait for the next book!

When I finally got to meet Marie I had my fan girl moment! I told her how The Young Elites was the first book I read from her and I showed her my Bookish Mood Board. She is a really talented author and so nice to talk to. 

Marie Lu Collage


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2 responses to “Marie Lu Book Signing

    • Kathy

      There were a lot of young fans there so I am sure your daughter would have loved it too. It was amazing meeting an author of a book I really enjoyed. Thanks Mary!!