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I’m back from my trip to Comic Con and I had such a great time! It has taken me a couple of days to catch up on my sleep and unpack but here is a recap of all the fun I had at Comic Con!


This was preview night and I was so excited to finally have these tickets.  On this night you get first dibs on the swags and exclusive items.  But my main goal for the night was going to the Starz Outlander booth.  I wanted to grab tickets for their premiere of the first episode on Friday night and also a ticket for the autograph signing. The booth was so fun.  It looked like a castle and the staff was dressed in highland and 1940’s costumes.  They had stones that vibrated (but sadly Jamie did not appear!!).  They were giving away a lot of swag, which we won shot glasses and a scarf.  And I got a pass for the premiere of the first episode on Friday night. 

Outlander Booth CC2014

We spent the remaining of the night walking around and checking out the displays. 

Exhibit CC2014


This is the official first day of Comic Con and the start of all the great cosplays. As we were walking to the exhibit hall my daughter noticed a celebrity was next to us.  It was singer Hayley Williams from the band Paramore. Hayley was dressed as Sailor Moon but we can see her name on her badge. So we approached her and asked for a photo.  But I didn’t post it on Facebook until the next day so that she can have some fun without being recognized.

When we first got in the exhibit hall we rushed to the Starz booth again. I walked up to the booth and to the staff that was doing the drawing.  Before I drew a card I asked her if there were a lot of tickets left.  She asked me if I was a fan and of course I said YES! Then she asked me have I read all the books and of course I said YES (and then I thought she was going to quiz me). But she pulled out a ticket from her pocket and gave it to me! I was so excited I wanted to kiss her lol.  So having the ticket solved the conflict I was having about missing the Outlander panel since it overlapped the Game of Thrones panel.  I was going to be able to enjoy both of my favorites!

For this day there wasn’t any movie or TV panels I wanted to go to.  But there were 2 author panels for this day.

Fairy Tale Remix panel: Toto, I’ve a feeling these aren’t your typical fairy tales…From cyborg Cinderellas to swashbuckling pirates, fairy tales are just full of possibilities for retelling and reimagining. A fantastic lineup of authors will discuss how they take well-known stories (such as Rapunzel, The Wizard of Oz, Tam Lin) and remix them for a new audience and how they create their very own fairy tales. Moderated by Shannon Hale (Ever After High series), this panel featuring Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles series), Katherine Harbour (Thorn Jack), John Peck (Charming series),Cornelia Funke (Mirrorworld series), Tony DiTerlizzi (The Search for WondLa), Ben Tripp (The Accidental Highwayman), and Danielle Page (Dorothy Must Die) will give insight to the fairy tales of old, and new!

I had just read Cinder by Marissa Meyer for the COYER challenge so I was really excited when I saw this panel.  Cinder was my first fairy tale retelling and I really loved it.  So it was great to see the other authors and add more books to my TBR.  I didn’t go to the autograph signings after the panel since I had to get to another panel.

Fairytale CC2014

End of series…or not? panel: Waiting for the next book in your favorite series to release can be agonizing…and yet, oh so worthwhile. Whether you’ve suffered through the wait time for each installment or held out until the release of the last book to binge read, bestselling series authors succeed at keeping countless readers hooked, book after book! Join authors Laini Taylor (Dreams of Gods & Monsters/Daughter of Smoke & Bone Trilogy),Lev Grossman (The Magician’s Land/The Magicians Trilogy), Leigh Bardugo (Ruin & Rising/The Grisha Trilogy), Jonathan Maberry (Fire & Ash/Rot & Ruit Series), Ben H. Winters (World of Trouble/The Last Policeman Trilogy), Lynn Flewelling (Shards of Time/ Nightrunner Series), and Kresley Cole (Dark Skye/Immortals After Dark Series), as they chat with Maryelizabeth Hart (Mysterious Galaxy) about the trials and tribulations of plotting multinovel story arcs, keeping momentum going between books, and knowing when (if ever) to end a bestselling series.

I am a huge Kresley Cole fan so I couldn’t miss this panel. And there were so many great authors too.  It was interesting to hear them talk about the difficulties in writing a series when it is a trilogy. For some of the authors it was easier for them to write the final book versus the second book, it’s just a matter of organizing their ideas. But thankfully Kresley’s Immortals After Dark series has no plans for a final book yet (and hope it doesn’t happen for a very long time).  After the panel I went to the autograph signing. While in line I met some other Kresley Cole fans so it was nice to chat with them while we waited.  And I was so excited they were selling early copies of Dark Skye.  I already preordered it for my Nook but I had to get one signed as a souvenir!! While I was in line for Kresley I started talking to author Leigh Bardugo. I have the first book of her series which I haven’t had time to read yet.  But I had fun talking with her and we took a picture.  When I finally got to meet Kresley I was so excited.  I showed her one of my Book Looks post of Dark Skye and she recognized it from Twitter.  She was so nice and easy to talk to.  And I told her how much I loved her books and especially her character Nix.  I’ve been to other book signings but this is really the first time I had so much to say to an author. It was so much fun.

End CC2014

For this trip I was meeting my sister but she didn’t arrive until Thursday night.  So that meant my 15-year-old daughter had to hang out with me and I dragged her to all the booths I wanted to go to.  Since we did everything I wanted to do, that night she wanted to attend the Hot Topic – Her Universe fashion show that was at a hotel close to the convention center.  At first I really didn’t want to go since I was tired but I gave in since she was bored with me all day.  And I am so glad we went.  It was a fun show with fashion inspired by movies and TV shows which they call “Geek Couture”. There were 36 designers competing for an opportunity to design a fashion collection with Her Universe to be sold at Hot Topic stores. It was fun seeing outfits inspired by Game of Thrones, Dr. Who, and The Hunger Games.

Fashion Collage

I loved the designs from Loki, Battlestar Galactica cylons (with strobing lights on the models chest lol), Wolverine and Iron Man. 

Fashion Collage 3

But my favorite and the show stopper of the night was by designer Andrew Maclaine and his design based on Once Upon a Time. My pictures didn’t turn out so I found some on the internet (photo credit by Kelsey Edwards Photography). The design was first a cozy winter outfit but once the model took off the coat it transformed into the glamorous shimmery gown. The crowd went crazy!! It was amazing but he didn’t win the grand prize.  He won “audience favorite”, which we voted for. The winning design was inspired by the movie Back to the Future.  

Fashion Collage 1


Once the fashion show was done there was an after party with the band All Time Low.  This is my daughter’s favorite band and the reason she wanted to go the fashion show.  It was an intimate concert (with only about an audience of 200) and we got really close to the stage.  I took a lot of pictures but then moved to the back of the room with the other parents.  It was crazy and so much fun.  I am so glad I took my daughter to this even though I was exhausted.

All Time Low CC2014


We got to the convention center at 4:00 am to line up for Hall H for the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones panel. The line was incredibly long. Here are pictures of the view from our spot in line. The Hilton hotel is across the street from the Hall H. 

Line CC2014

Comic Con started a new process in which they handed out wrist bands so you knew what group you were in. When we finally got our wrist bands we were in group C and were told that the room was between 50 to 75% full.  The room holds 6,500 people!  I was worried we weren’t getting in.  But luckily we did and got to see our favorite shows. 

The Walking Dead

Walking Dead CC2014

Game of Thrones

Game Of Thrones CC2014

After the Game of Thrones panel I went to the Outlander signing.  It was going to be the cast, Diana Gabaldon and producer Ronald D. Moore.  While in line I had the perfect spot at the entrance the cast was going to walk into.  I was able to take some pictures while they walked by. As Sam Heughan (who plays Jamie Fraser) approached the booth he took out his phone and started taking pictures of us (which he posted on the Starz Instagram). At the same time I was taking pictures of him.  That is me in the front and I look crazy but it was so exciting to see them.

Sam Collage

We were told we couldn’t take pictures once we reached the table, so I took as many pictures as I can while in line.  It was so exciting to meet the cast and Diana (again, since I met her at her book signing).  I got to talk to each one of them briefly. Caitriona Balfe is beautiful and Sam Heughan has a great smile, they are the perfect Claire and Jamie! I had fun talking with Tobias Menzies and his role on Game of Thrones. We laughed about the famous red wedding scene. I’ve been waiting months for this and it went so fast. 

Outlander Signing CC2014


I did have a pass for the premiere that night but it wasn’t a reserved seat.  So that meant lining up again and I was too exhausted from getting up early.  So we stayed at the convention until it closed and went back to our hotel.  We ate dinner and took a shower then left again to line up for Saturday!


My sister and I arrived Friday night at 11 pm to line up for ballroom 20 for The Vampire Diaries and True Blood panel.  There was one line that included people for ballroom 20, the autographs and the exclusive items being sold.  So it was hard to gauge how many people were for each thing.  But our spot in line was on the grass area which made it more comfortable to sleep (instead of being on the concrete and having to smell the bus exhaust like we did last year).  We did get some sleep but still had to deal with the noise of the trains and people talking.  We made it into ballroom 20 and sat 8 rows from the stage.  We had a long wait for our favorite shows so we sat in on the panels for Once Upon a Time, Family Guy, American Dad, the Simpsons 25th anniversary (which a 3D Homer stopped by) and Grimm. 

Simpsons Family Guy CC2014

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time CC2014


Grimm CC2014

We also sat in the TV Guides Fan Favorites panel which featured different actors from shows that included Game of Thrones, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural and to my surprise Sam Heughan from Outlander. I was so excited to see him again since I missed the Outlander panel.  

Fan Fav CC2014

Finally our wait was over and The Vampire Diaries panel started with a hilarious spoof. Ian Somerhalder looked great (as usual) and so was the rest of the cast.  The series storyline has been frustrating but I still can’t wait to see what happens in the next season.

 The Vampire Diaries CC2014

The best was saved for last – The True Blood panel!!  This was the last time they would be at Comic Con so that is why I had to be there.   Joe Manganiello wasn’t there but I was lucky to see him last year.  But I was really sad that Alexander Skarsgard wasn’t at the panel.  He wasn’t there last year so I would have loved to see him.  But the cast was great and funny.  Kristen Bauer van Straten (Pam) was emotional and made most of us cry.  I know you think it’s crazy but True Blood is one of my favorite shows. It’s sad to see this end.  But it was so worth camping out to see them one last time!

 True Blood CC2014

I would have loved to see the Avengers 2 panel but it was during the same time of True Blood.  I also would have loved to see the WB panel (Gotham, Flash and Arrow) that was later that night but we were exhausted.


There was nothing to line up for so I got to sleep in on Sunday.  Most of my day was for walking around.  I was planning to do the Adventure Time scavenger hunt but they ran out of medals, so I missed it this year.  But I did attend one panel:

What’s Hot in Young Adult Fiction! panel: Strong protagonists, engrossing romance, humor, action, and angst! This popular annual Q&A session and chat about the hottest new titles and trends in YA fiction is moderated by Nathan Bransford (The Jacob Wonderbar series) and features Kresley Cole (The Arcana Chronicles), Kami Garcia (The Legion Series), Tessa Gratton (United States of Asgard series), Tahereh Mafi (the Shatter Me series), Natalie Parker (Beware the Wild), C. J. Redwine (The Defiance series), Brendan Reichs (The Virals series),Margaret Stohl (The Icons series), and Scott Westerfeld (Afterworlds).

It was great seeing Kresley Cole again and also to see the other authors. This was an interesting panel hearing the authors defend the young adult genre and also give advice to aspiring authors in the audience. Since I already had Kresley’s signature I didn’t go to the signing after the panel.  I spent the remaining of the day shopping for souvenirs.

YA Fiction CC2014

Here are pictures of some of the great cosplays we saw during the convention.  The first picture is of my nephew (as Transformer Shockwave) and my daughter (as a punk version of Sailor Saturn). They both made their costumes and they turned out great! The top right is Sharknado, which was really funny and creative!

Cosplay CC2014


Comic con was a lot of fun and I was happy to see my favorite shows, all the authors and visit the publishing booths. I was lucky to get some ARCs which included Marie Lu’s The Young Elites and also purchase some signed books.  This was my 3rd year going to Comic Con and I’m not sure if I’ll be going again next year.  Getting the tickets and hotel is a stressful process.  I think next year I want to go relax on a beach (and deal with no lines!!).

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11 responses to “Comic Con San Diego 2014 – Recap

    • Kathy

      Thanks Kathryn! When I was done writing the post I couldn’t believe the crazy schedule I had. But I had so much fun and meeting the cast of Outlander was amazing (and so worth the exhaustion lol). Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I love this post! I haven’t read Outlander so I wasn’t as excited about that one as other people. You went to the panels I really wanted to go to on Thursday. We ended up doing non-con things that day. We went to the Zoo and Old San Diego. I wish I could’ve done everything! I didn’t hear about that fashion show till later and from the pictures it did look really fun. Probably way better then the masquerade ball I went to on Saturday night. There were a few things on Sunday I really wanted to see.. Supernatural and Sons of Anarchy. But that day we did San Diego stuff again. LOL! I loved your experience … wish I could’ve done that ballroom 20 day you did. So fun!!

    Angie @Angela's Anxious Life recently posted: San Diego Comic Con 2014
    • Kathy

      On our first trip we only got passes for 3 days so we went around San Diego. It is really nice to get away from the crowds so I hope you had fun. I really enjoyed your post since you saw so much more of the exhibit floor than I did! There are so many things to see and do I wish I could have done everything. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Kathy

      I was exhausted putting this post together lol. Now that I see it written out I can’t believe all the stuff I did during those 5 days. I was crazy lol. The camping out was interesting but it was fun to be around other fanatics! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Kathy

      Thanks Trish! I am a huge fan of Outlander and GOT so I had to see them. And the fairy tale panel was really interesting and found some new books to read.

    • Kathy

      Thank you and I hope you get to go one day. It is definitely something everyone should experience.