Book Review – Lexan’s Pledge

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Book Review – Lexan’s PledgeLexan's Pledge Series: Starbright #1.5
by Hilary Thompson
Published by Self Published on March 19, 2014
Genres: Young Adult Science Fiction
Pages: 92
Format: Ebook
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Author's Note: this is not the full-length sequel to Justice Buried. It is a short novella telling Lexan's side of the story!

There will come three... 
A child of peace, born in a place of war. 
A child of right, born in a place of many wrongs. 
A child of lawfulness, born in a place with no laws. 

The secrets of Asphodel continue to spill as Lexan tells his side of the story. Lexan has been pretending for so long that he barely remembers why. All he knows is that it's getting harder to be the image of perfection that everyone expects. With Keirna plotting murder, Saloman having visions, and Trea throwing tantrums, Lexan just might be ready to risk his world for the chance at a better one.

My Review 4

Lexan’s Pledge is a short novella following the debut novel, Justice Buried. Lexan’s Pledge is not a standalone so you have to read Justice Buried first to understand this novella.  I also suggest you read Justice Buried first because I LOVED IT! Here is my 5 star review.

Lexan’s Pledge tells us Lexan’s side of the story. The author does an amazing job in revealing another side of Lexan and also providing some behind the scenes information that adds to the mystery of this series.  With Justice Buried I was torn between choosing between Lexan and Stian as my favorite guy for Trea.  But with this novella it bumped up Lexan on my list of favorite choice!  Lexan truly isn’t that charming and conniving playboy that Trea disliked and I love him more!! 

Fans of Justice Buried also get a sneak peak at the next book that made me more impatient for book 2!  I can’t wait for the release and to read more from Hilary Thompson!

The Starbright series is a definite read for all fans of Young Adult Dystopian!


Rating Report
Overall: five-stars

About Hilary Thompson

Hilary Thompson was born to parents who made a habit of taking roads less traveled. But she was also a first child, and an independent, willful child, so she has made a habit of taking a few roads on her own.
After trying on hats made for artists, architects, restaurant and retail workers, landscape designers, legal secretaries, and professional students, she retreated back to her first loves of education and writing.
Hilary now teaches high school full time, writes whenever and wherever she can, and reads as much as her eyes can handle. She also tries not to spoil her own independent, willful children or neglect her wonderful soul-mate of a husband too much. She tends to ignore laundry baskets and dirty dishes.


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