Throwback Thursday – My Senior Ball 1989

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TB Thursday


THROWBACK THURSDAY is a feature I added to have some fun reminiscing and let my readers get to know another side of me (besides by the books I read). This feature is scheduled for the first and third Thursday of the month.  If you would like to participate the topic must be at least 5 years old and preferably non-book related.

This week’s feature is:

My Senior Ball, 1989


Last month my daughter went to the Junior Prom with her best friend. As we were preparing for the dance I started reminiscing about my high school dances.  My Senior Ball will always be the special school dance for me because I went with my husband. 


My Senior Ball was in 1989 (wow that is really a long time ago).  I dug out my old pictures and I’m being brave by posting them.  But now that I look at them I think they aren’t THAT bad lol.  Yes, I have the signature teased bangs look.  But I still love the gown I wore. I know what you are thinking – it was the 80’s, it has to be bad! Am I right?  Well, who has watched the Disney Channel’s GoodLuck Charlie prom episode?  That episode where the mom gives her prom dress to her daughter to wear is hilarous! Too bad I don’t have my gown anymore, maybe they would have wanted to wear it!



The gown is the most important thing for the dance.  You want to look great and hope that no one else has the same dress!  Where I grew up it was popular to have your gown made instead of store bought.  So you definitely would have an original gown.  The area I grew up in had one seamstress that EVERYONE went to – Rosie.  She became so popular that she had an extra room built to her house that served as her sewing room.  And she was incredible!  We went to Rosie for all our formal events (she sewed the dresses for my bridesmaids and flower girls). And she was affordable.  The cost of the fabric and her labor was the same price range (or sometimes even less) than at the department stores.


For my gown I looked at Hollywood for my inspiration.  I would watch the Oscars just to see what the celebrities would wear (and I still do this today).  For my Senior Ball I chose the gown Geena Davis wore.  I loved the color and the style.  And when I would go to Rosie for the fittings I saw the other gowns she was making, and I knew no one else had anything close to it. The gown turned out perfect. 

Senior Ball


For my husband we found a matching bow tie and cummerbund set.  And to complete his look I ordered a matching garter, which we still have!  Some of the feathers have fallen off but for the most part it still one piece.  The ribbon has our names and the date imprinted on it, so this is really a special keepsake. 


My husband and I had the look we wanted.  But sadly the actual night didn’t go as planned.  The limo we rented was late due to a bad accident so we were late to the restaurant we had reservations for.  The restaurant was nice to serve us as quickly as possible but by the time we actually got to the dance only a little over an hour was left.  So I didn’t get to enjoy the dance as much as I wanted.  If I can have a do-over I would definitely ditch the limo!!

Now it is your turn – I would love to hear about your prom!!

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