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Book Looks was created by Jen at Books and Other Happy Ever Afters . Combining our love of books & fashion with book cover or scene inspired outfits.

See Jane Fall by Katy Regnery

Excerpt 1

Jane didn’t bring any “fancy” clothes on location shoots because she preferred to be comfortable while she was working, and even though she had access to Samara’s enormous wardrobe, Jane was a five-foot-six size ten, and Samara was an almost-six-foot size zero. Her fabulous clothes would be no use to Jane.

Jane looked through her options: two pairs of jeans (one that needed washing), a pair of beat-up khaki cargos for shoot days, and a tired denim skirt from college. She picked up the skirt and slipped it on. It was old-school, L.L. Bean — nothing mini or micro or sequined or trendy about it — two front pockets, two back pockets, front middle zipper, and it fell to right above her knees. The edges were frayed from copious wear, and it was as soft as flannel, too. Next she surveyed her tops: two black camis, one white cami that needed washing, a cream v-neck t-shirt, her green cardigan and a Boston College sweatshirt. Sexy choices, Jane. Wow.

She took a deep breath and sighed, picking up one of the black camis and slipping it over her head. Well, it wasn’t glamorous, but the lines were okay. The black was slimming, and with her black sandals, it was the best she could do.

Next she rummaged through her bag for make-up, but predictably she had none. Just some mango chap stick and some tinted moisturizer that she must have gotten as a sample. It was better than nothing. Jane swiped some on. She put her diamond studs in her ears, which had been her gift to herself when she’d lasted for one year as Samara’s assistant.

She squirted some mousse into her hands, and smoothed her curls back from her face, deciding to leave her dad’s Red Sox cap in her room. Felicity? Fat chance. Maybe the hair, but that’s where the similarities ended.

She shrugged into her green cardigan, slipped her feet into the black leather sandals, then looked in the mirror.

If Lars had asked her out on a date in New York, she’d have put on a black dress, had her hair styled professionally, pulled out some of the make-up samples collecting dust in her bathroom and brightened her face. She’d have had tons of sample shoes to choose from, and cute sweaters in her size sent to her from exclusive designers. She’d have had a fighting chance — a chance to make an impression before Samara got to him.

No, Jane. You wouldn’t have a chance, fighting or otherwise. That’s wishful thinking.

Her reflection wasn’t a revelation, but she definitely didn’t look as dumpy as she usually did. In fact, she looked sort of fresh and young. Thinking in terms of editorials—which she never did for herself, but often did for her cousin—she had a “girl-next-door” appeal. Modest appeal, but appeal nonetheless. She smiled at herself, timidly, unsure, and saw how the color of her sweater caught the green in her eyes. She’d never noticed that before. Her skin had tanned a little yesterday in the park, which gave her a little glow. She tilted her head to the side, feeling just the slightest bit of unfamiliar pleasure in the girl looking back at her.


I want to kiss her.

It was the first thought in Lars’s mind when she opened the door, looking cute in a short skirt and that green sweater that made her eyes greener than green. Her hair was pushed back off her face, but her curls were unruly behind her sunglasses, which perched like a hair band on top of her head. She looked cool but casual. Lars was smitten and his body tightened as he looked at her.

KatyRegenry_SeeJaneFall2500Summary from Goodreads:

When Trend magazine contracts Lindstrom & Sons to manage a fashion shoot in Yellowstone, easygoing Lars Lindstrom rolls his eyes. “Babysitting” supermodel Samara Amaya’s assistant sounds like a snore, even amidst the park’s lush wildlife and scenery. Little does he know that Jane Mays, Samara’s down-to-earth, smart-mouthed assistant and cousin, will be the most exciting person he’s ever met. Her smoky voice and surprisingly sweet heart rock his world.

Jane has been hurt before, but this time it’s right. From loving the same music to their effortlessly sexy sparring, her handsome new tour guide gets her—and Jane is getting Lars right back until Samara blows into town. Used to living in her cousin’s shadow, Jane knows Lars will be nothing more than a notch in a bedpost if the spoiled supermodel has her way. In the past, maybe she would have stepped aside. This time she’ll find the strength to stand up to Samara once and for all…and trust that Lars will be there to catch her if she falls.

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I just finished reading See Jane Fall for an upcoming tour and I loved it (my stop on the tour will be next week).  Jane may think of herself as “plain” but I love her style! She’s smart by choosing comfortable clothing since she is always running errands and travelling because of her job.  The outfit she put together is something I would wear – and I would love to treat myself to those diamond earrings and Coach bag!! And the sexy tour guide, Lars, loved the look too (and that’s what really matters, right?!)


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      Thanks Ashley!! And I totally agree with you about Katy. The more I read from her the more I love her writing =)