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Book Looks was created by Jen at Books and Other Happy Ever Afters . Combining our love of books & fashion with book cover or scene inspired outfits.



Justice Buried


Justice BuriedThe people need Justice, but she’s not listening. One hundred years before, the Great Sickness reduced the world to three cities. Now the community of Asphodel is trapped underground, waiting for the prophesied maiden of Justice to return and save them from their Fates. Sixteen-year-old Astrea is supposed to be this savior – too bad for them she isn’t a believer. Trea fights against her false destiny: she rebels against her family and friends, then refuses her arranged marriage to the charming but deceitful Lexan. Learning her life is in danger, Trea is forced to trust Lexan – until she discovers a power she never knew she had, and one he already knew he did. As betrayal closes every door, Trea decides she must submit to her stars and accept her fate. Then a handsome stranger offers her an unexpected escape and the chance to create her own destiny.

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I just finished reading Justice Buried for a blog tour and I loved it (my review will be posted next week).  Justice Buried is a Young Adult Dystopian story set in the future. The people have started a society underground, called Asphodel. Right away I couldn’t help but think of the beautiful caves of Sedona, Arizona as the setting. The society may live underground but everything is built upon the beliefs of Astrology. Everyone’s jobs, clothing and mates are determined by a person zodiac sign.  Each person is given a facial implant to showcase their zodiac sign. Astrea is the young heroine of this book and is destined to fulfill the prophecy – be the savior of Asphodel. I think actress Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) would be perfect as Astrea! Being the savior she has diamonds as her facial implants on her temples, which is why I found the picture of a model with crystal eye decorations.

This outfit is for Astrea’s Choosing Day – the ceremony which her family announces her mate.  The shopkeeper selected a dress for Astrea based on her Aries sign:

The dress is exquisite.  Brilliant veins of orange and red flow around me, catching the true fiery pigments of my hair.  The light fabric envelops my body, showing off muscles I have recently developed and curves I never knew existed.  A lower skirt of ash gray, sewn with thousands of tiny crystals, swirls beneath the ribbons of sheer red fabric, sparkling in competition with the diamonds in my cheek and lighting up my dark gray eyes.  The neckline is low enough to cause me embarrassment, and the back dips as well, held in place by a dozen thin strands of crystal.

As soon as I saw this dress I knew it was perfect for Astrea! It isn’t red but it does remind me of flames, fire being the element for Aries. The shoes and accessories finish off the look.

Justice Buried was a great read and check out my review next week!

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