Book Review – Hold On To Me

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Book Review – Hold On To MeHold On To Me Series: Against All Odds #2
by Elisabeth Naughton
Published by Elisabeth Naughton Publishing LLC on February 18, 2014
Genres: Adult Contemporary Romance
Pages: 300
Source: Netgalley
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He thinks he’s finally found the one. 
Mitch Mathews never believed in love—at least not the happily ever after kind. Then he met Simone Conners. Just one night with the sexy lawyer made him reevaluate his priorities and look toward a future he never planned. The only hang up is making her see it too.

She’s almost ready for a second chance. 
What started out as a casual hookup with a rugged geologist has turned into something a whole lot more. Simone’s on the verge of handing over her heart, but fear over what Mitch will say and do when he learns who she used to be holds her back.

The past could destroy their future... 
Just when Simone is about to take a chance on forever with Mitch, the mistakes of her past catch up with her. Suddenly it’s not just her safety on the line anymore, it’s his too. Forced into hiding, Mitch demands answers, and Simone realizes the only way to protect everything she holds dear is to delve into a past she’s spent fourteen years trying to forget. As they search for the truth, they discover secrets, lies and a rekindled passion that burns hotter than before. But they also uncover a conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of society. One that could cost them more than just their future…it could cost them their lives.


My Review

I am a HUGE fan of Elisabeth Naughton and I LOVED Hold On To Me!!

Hold On To Me is the second book of Elisabeth Naughton’s Against All Odds series.  Even though it is part of a series, Hold On To Me can be read as a standalone. But I do suggest reading the first book, Wait For Me, only because you will LOVE IT!!  It was great to see the characters from the first book (Ryan and Katie) make an appearance in this book.  And the author does a great job of adding quick recaps from the first book, just enough to allow new readers of the series an introduction to Ryan and Katie.

Elisabeth Naughton is a great story teller.  She mixes romance with action and mystery, which I love and adds excitement to the story.  Mitch Mathews and Simone Conners have had explosive chemistry since the first day they met. But Simone is an independent woman with some secrets that make her life complicated.  But it turns out Mitch also has some secrets that would destroy their relationship.  I really love Simone and Mitch but they are both so stubborn! So I found myself sympathizing with both characters and actually not choosing sides.  I understand their reasons for deception but I just wanted them both to confess so they both wouldn’t be so miserable!!  This struggle is what I loved about this story – a lot of drama and some hot makeup sex!!

This is another great book from Elisabeth Naughton and I suggest all fans of romance should read this! I can’t wait for the next book (which I hope will be about the sexy rocker Tate Kendrick!).


Rating Report
Overall: five-stars

About Elisabeth Naughton

Bestselling Author Elisabeth Naughton writes full time from her home in western Oregon where she lives with her husband and three children. Her books have appeared on every major bestsellers list, including the New York Times, the USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Digital Book World and IndieReader, and have been nominated for numerous awards such as the prestigious RITA® awards by Romance Writers of America, the Australian Romance Reader Awards, The Golden Leaf and the Golden Heart. When not writing, Elisabeth can be found running, hanging out at the ballpark or dreaming up new and exciting adventures. Visit her website at to learn more about her books.


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