Life’s Journey with the Occasional Alien Blog Tour – Excerpt + Giveaway

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Life's Journey with the Occasional Alien Blog Tour - Excerpt + Giveaway

Life’s Journey with the Occasional Alien Blog Tour – Excerpt + Giveaway



This story follows the tumultuous lives of Bobby and Jack, two seemingly ordinary lads with the usual goals you’d expect from young men: chatting up girls and visiting the pub as often as possible. But these aren’t your average young men, for Bobby and Jack have discovered the power of astral projection, leading them to make some memorable alien friends, and some they’d rather forget.As the lads’ everyday and astral lives collide, their alien encounters spark off a dramatic chain of events that will change their lives forever. Prepare for murder, violence, fraud, deception, financial crisis and a whole host of other problems as these two young men discover what it means to get their lives in order. This fast-paced novel will take you on an unforgettable journey with a cast of characters (both human and non) that will make you laugh and cry, but all on the edge of your seat.

Book Excerpt

Chapter One

Well one time Bobby had gotten out of his body, and he

was approached whilst in this state of astral projection by an alien

who appeared friendly. Let me tell you the tale as he told it to Jack.

“This alien, although looking mighty different, was not

grey or green with weird eyes etc.; in fact he was on the tall side

with a bluish colour and covered in a darker blue outfit. His face

was not unfriendly, but it was dark with white eyes, the part that

should be blue or brown was white. The ears were quite small with

a more normal nose; the chin was straight from bottom lip to chin.

But he didn’t talk like us. He could tell telepathically what I was

thinking and saying in my mind, and likewise I could tell what he

was saying to me. He did not smile, but somehow conveyed


He said, well conveyed to me, that his race of aliens (he

said that there were many others in his race and also other races

and cultures) his race could usually only contact with humans via

what humans called astral projection, when their minds were out

of their physical body. I asked him his name, and he said “For

now, call me ZMM”, it sounded like Zum or Zim. He knew already

that my name was Bobby, which was a bit frightening to me, but he

said “Do not worry; we do not intend to harm you. We only come

via a similar thing to your astral projection, that is how both you

and I can travel millions of miles in seconds”.

Zum said “There are not many of us who would harm you;

we have progressed through a mixture of biology, physics and

other sciences together with a universal religion. We do not have

people like your priests and vicars, although we do have some

teachers. I am one of the teachers.”

I said to Zum “What about God then?”

He said “God is in the cosmos and the eternal universe

which covers many galaxies, hence your bible states in one place:

‘In my house there are many mansions’.”

“What do you eat and drink?” I said.

He made a noise not unlike the start of a laugh and said

“We have made light years of progress and no longer need to eat

and drink like you do now; we use a slow release of a nutrient

biological cocktail that lasts us over a year of your earthly time. In

space time is different, but I will tell you about it on another

occasion, because I am going to meet my great-great-great

grandson at a point which is now imminent, though not in your


“I will, however, warn you against one of our race who,

although she will not harm you permanently or hurt you, she will

drain you for days on end of your testosterone.”

I spluttered “Good God! How can I stop her?”

“You can’t,” Zum said. “Don’t worry. You won’t feel pain,

or experience sex the same as on Earth. She picked up a virus on

another planet and she always finds a male who is in the astral

plane. She swoops down and immobilises you or sometimes take

you to one of our spaceships, some of which are invisible.”


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About the Author:
Roy Donovan has always had a fascination for all things paranormal, particularly the incredible experiences of those who believe they have traveled on the astral plane. He turned his hand from writing health and well-being books to creating realistic British paranormal dramas, beginning with the adventure: ‘Life’s Journey With The Occasional Alien’ in 2013. Roy is a keen animal lover and hopes to be able to donate to local charities in his hometown with some of the proceeds from his books.

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