Damselfly Blog Tour + Giveaway

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Damselfly Blog Tour + Giveaway

Damselfly Blog Tour + GiveawayDamselfly Series: Damselfly #1
by Jennie Bates Bozic
Published by Jennie Bates Bozic LLC on November 11, 2013
Genres: Young Adult Fantasy
Pages: 242
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Summary from Goodreads:

In 2065, the Lilliput Project created Lina – the first six-inch-tall winged girl – as the solution to a worldwide energy and food crisis. Isolated in a compound amidst the forests of Denmark, Lina has grown up aware of only one purpose: learn how to survive in a world filled with hawks, bumblebees, and loneliness. However, on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, she discovers that she’s not the only teenager her size. Six ‘Toms’ were created shortly after Lina, and now her creators need to prove to the world that tiny people are the next logical step in human evolution. In other words, they need to prove that reproduction is possible.

Um. No thanks. Lina’s already fallen in love with a boy she met online named Jack. Only he has no idea that thumbelina1847 could literally fit inside his heart.

When her creators threaten to hurt Jack unless she chooses a husband from among the ‘Toms’, Lina agrees to star in a reality TV series. Once the episodes begin to air, the secret of her size is out. Cut off from any contact with the outside world, Lina assumes Jack is no longer interested. After all, what guy would want to date a girl he can’t even kiss?

Slowly, very slowly, she befriends the six young men who see her as their only ticket to happiness. Perhaps she can make just one guy’s dream of love and companionship come true. But her creators have a few more twists in store for her that she never thought possible.

She’s not the only one playing to the cameras.

My Review

I loved this story! I have always loved fairies so reading this story made me feel like a kid again.  The author did an amazing job in describing Lina’s life as a fairy, flying through the woods and her miniature home and clothes, that I can imagine myself as one. I also loved how the author took the fairy tale Thumbelina but added a modern twist to it with a dystopian setting and a dating reality show similar to The Bachelor.

Lina is a 6-inch tall fairy that was created by the Lilliput Project. She grew up surrounded by scientist but was able to make a strong connection with her human trainer, George. Lina believed she was the only one of her kind but suddenly she meets 6 male fairies (called “Toms”). I liked that Lina was written with many human qualities just like a 15-year-old girl.  She fought with her ‘parent’, wanted freedom and privacy, and also had a crush on a boy. But since she was isolated Lina does have difficulty dealing with new people (humans and the Toms) and does come across as rude.  But what I liked about Lina is that she matured and was able to slowly be more comfortable interacting with the other characters – and not end up as a whiny, irritating teen.  So I really love that the author made Lina’s new experiences as a chance for her to grow emotionally.

The story is a mix of romance and mystery.  And I think the author does a great job with both. Lina’s romance story between Jack and the Toms was sweet and heartbreaking.  And I really felt so bad for Lina.  And the mystery of the Lilliput Project had unanswered questions which I hope will be revealed more in this series.  But I do wish the author would have given us background information on the society, because I had a hard time imagining how Lina and the other Toms would help the world (but I assume and hope that this will be explained more in the series).

I really loved this story and I can’t wait to read more in this series.  If you like fairies with a modern day twist then you should definitely read this book.

Rating Report
Overall: four-stars

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About Jennie Bates Bozic

I'm a visual effects artist for film and television by day, and at night I don my author cape and pen stories for the YA crowd. I love a good fairy tale, especially if there's a creepy twist, so that's what I write.

I met my husband in the World of Warcraft and we live in Los Angeles with our cat. We spend our time playing video games, reading, hiking, sweeping up cat hair, and cursing the terrible traffic.

I have a bachelor's degree in Religion and Philosophy from Hillsdale College, and some of my past jobs have included: swimming lessons teacher, lifeguard, furniture salesperson, barista, and loan officer. I was especially terrible at the loan officer bit and that's what prompted me to make a major change and go off to Canada to get a diploma in 3D Animation and Visual Effects. After that, I moved to Los Angeles by myself and roomed with two crazy sisters I found on Craigslist. But that's another tale.

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