Twitter Thursday #3

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Twitter Thursday is a weekly post to share some exciting news from this weeks Twitter.  If you are like me you probably follow so many authors, publishers and bloggers, there is always that chance you missed a great tweet.

This week’s post is to spotlight the authors on Twitter.  If you are not following your favorite authors I highly recommend you do!  Not only do they tweet great information on their upcoming books, but you are also getting a chance to know them.  And you realize that they are just like us!!  They have to deal with problems at work, with kids, with pets and I’ve even seen some tweets about termites!! So with Twitter you feel a connection with them!  So follow your favorite authors!!

Here’s some tweets from this week that made me smile!

From Kelly Armstrong (Omens, Darkness Rising Series, Women of the Otherworld Series)…this made me laugh because my husband was out of town last weekend and I texted him a picture of the mess our dog made!  

Used to get pics of my kids while on road. Now husband sends kittens:
— Kelley Armstrong (@KelleyArmstrong) August 28, 2013

From Roxanne St. Claire (Barefoot Bay Series)… I am so grateful that I have 1 more year before my daughter starts driving!

Teen Girl with new license is dying to drive anywhere for anything. So I sent her out for #chocolate. Teach ’em priorities, I say.
— Roxanne St. Claire (@roxannestclaire) August 28, 2013

From Kiera Cass (Selection Series) ….her tweets brings back memories when my girls wouldn’t go to sleep!  I remember all those sleepless nights!  It gets better Kiera!

I’m in Zuzu’s room right now using a Super Nanny technique for getting your kid to sleep by sitting wirh your back to them…
— Kiera Cass (@kieracass) August 29, 2013

For like an hour.
— Kiera Cass (@kieracass) August 29, 2013

Crap she just stood up in the crib. I can sense her over my shoulder.
— Kiera Cass (@kieracass) August 29, 2013

I left the room. She didn’t even care. Ugggghhhhhhh.
— Kiera Cass (@kieracass) August 29, 2013

Have you heard about the “Authors are Rockstars” blog tour?  It doesn’t matter if you have, but I want you to know that authors are 100 times BETTER than “Rockstars”!  Authors tweet to their fans! Do you know how many times I sent fan letters to Duran Duran and New Kids on the Block? Ok, now you know how old I am, but they never responded!  Do you know how many times I tweeted to my favorite actors?  Did I ever get a reply or a re-tweet? NO!  But authors take the time out of their busy schedules to acknowledge their fans!

Check out these tweets I got this week!

@NookbksNmore Glad you enjoyed!
— J Armentrout/ J Lynn (@JLArmentrout) August 24, 2013

@nookbksnmore Thanks for the feature! I really appreciate it and I’m glad you enjoyed the books!
— Jana DeLeon (@JanaDeLeon) August 26, 2013

@NookbksNmore Thank you!! I love it! 🙂
— Katy Regnery (@KatyRegnery) August 27, 2013

I love the authors on Twitter, so follow them!!

Did you see any great tweets from this week?  If you did, post it on your blog and leave a link in the comments! I hate to miss out on a good tweet!


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