Saturday’s Series Spotlight #3

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Saturday’s Series Spotlight is a weekly post in which I’ll select a series to showcase.  It will be a series that I’ve enjoyed or plan to start reading.

This week’s Saturday’s Series Spotlight is:
The Ghost-in-Law Series
by Jana Deleon
How would you feel if you were being haunted by your mother-in-law?  For Maryse Robicheaux life with her mother-in-law Helena Henry was a nightmare! Helena was rude, pushy and manipulative. So with Helena’s sudden death Maryse thought she might finally have some peace.  That was until she saw Helena “wake-up” at the funeral. Maryse is the only person that can see and communicate with Helena, so Maryse has no choice but to help Helena with her “unfinished business” – solving her own murder!  As if that is not enough stress, Maryse becomes the target of a killer.  But to her surprise she is saved each time by Helena! So the love-hate relationship between the two women surprisingly changes, but also some secrets are revealed! Each book is a stand-alone which focuses on Maryse’s friends, who take their turn being haunted by Helena and try to help solve the mystery of her murder.
Why did I select this series?
This adult series is so much fun!!  It’s a mystery, comedy, and romance all in one!  The mystery is entertaining, the romance is steamy (this is an adult series!) and Helena’s wardrobe challenges had me laughing! As a ghost Helena struggled with her wardrobe, which at one time she appeared wearing Madonna’s cone shaped bra (can you imagine your mother-in-law wearing that lol).
So if you are looking for something fun to read I suggest this series!!


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