Saturday’s Series Spotlight #1

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Hi it’s Saturday and welcome to my first Saturday’s Series Spotlight!!  Every Saturday I’ll select a series to showcase.  It will be a series that I’ve enjoyed or plan to start reading.

This week’s Saturday Series Spotlight is:
 The Immortals After Dark Series 
by Kresley Cole

In this series, mythical creatures are secretly living among humans.  These creatures include Vampires, Valkyrie, Demons, Witches, Lycans and Sorceri.  The creatures are divided into factions and are ultimately preparing for a war, called the Accession.  Each book in this series is a stand-alone, but the subplot of the Accession and the cameo appearance of characters from previous books connects the entire series together.
Why did I select this series?  
These books are adult paranormal romance but also include action and humor. And it’s the characters that keep me coming back for more! Imagine the Valkyrie and Witches having “Girls Nights Out” at a Karaoke bar or fighting over the latest X-Box game.  And male vampires searching for their mate that will restart the beating of their heart!  And there is also sexy Scottish Lycan males whose sole purpose in life is to protect and pleasure their mates!!  
Since this is an adult series there is sexual content. But I love these characters and stories, so if you are looking for something new why not give this series a chance!


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2 responses to “Saturday’s Series Spotlight #1