Captcha Challenge!

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The Book Wheel

I saw this on Closed the Cover and I had to join in on this challenge! I’ve always hated these Captchas when leaving a comment or making a purchase – it’s always difficult to figure out the blurry letters or numbers! So I’ve joined in on the challenge hosted by The Book Wheel and The Relentless Reader to have everyone turn off their Captcha!
From The Book Wheel:

  • Check your own blog for Captcha.

    • We have found that many people have it and don’t even realize it. To see if you have it enabled on your site, log out of your blog account and leave yourself a test comment (you can always delete it later).
  • Disable Captcha

    • Allison’s favorite alternative to Captcha is the social login (WordPress)- it gets rid of anonymous comments, lets people link their Twitter handles, and gets rid of the dreaded word and number combo.
    • Jennifer uses Blogger. While the commenting system isn’t the best she’s found that by disabling anonymous comments the spam disappears. (You can also set up comment moderation if you’d like to take it up a notch.)
  • Spread the word!

    • Grab our logo for your own post and/or grab the button!
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    2 responses to “Captcha Challenge!

    1. Hooray! So glad to have another blogger on board! I’m so happy The Book Wheel and The Relentless Reader started this. 🙂 I hate completing Captcha. It’s frustrating.